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Arnasay Green Village, Kazakhstan

Arnasay village is the first green village of Kazakhstan, where residents are taught advanced technologies and entrepreneurship skills. The project was created as a demonstration platform of the Coalition for Green Economy and Development G-Global, implemented within the framework of support of the concept of transition of the country to a green economy and the partnership program Green Bridge.

The Green Technology Center officially began operations in 2015. On its basis we use about 35-40 green technologies today. It includes a solar biovegetarium, and ionizing technologies such as drip irrigation, agrofibre, air bionization technologies. Drip irrigation is used for water saving in all greenhouses. There is still an underground phytodiode greenhouse operating all year round. These phytodiode lamps are used in place of sunlight.

Three types of heating are used. The first is a pyrolysis boiler, which is also considered as energy efficient. With it we save up to 30% of coal and can burn coal of any quality, and thanks to it a minimum amount of harmful emissions is released into the atmosphere. The second type - infrared lamps and the third - solar collectors. Solar panels help to pump water from its own well. Solar collectors provide a thousand litres of hot water per day, of which 500 litres are used for sanitary needs, another 500 - for underground heating of greenhouse in winter. It is important that all these technologies work without the use of electricity.

There are solar wells for rooms where there is no direct light. Without using electricity with these wells, we light up dark spaces.

A closed water supply plant for fish cultivation is operating. It makes it possible to use water economically, and thanks to the closed method of water filtration fish is grown there. With the help of our own worms, we get biohumus. This is all used in this green technology center and collectively creates the green village of Arnasay. Out of 300 private farms of Arnasai village, 168 have drip irrigation systems installed, and they have also been given technologies for water saving - agrofibre, hydrogel, etc. Locals began to receive twice as much crop and sell it.

There is a program that involves introduction of new technologies in private gardens of the village Arnasay, in particular, is agrotextile, hydrogel, covering material and seedlings. Possibility of implementation of this "green" technology will greatly facilitate the backyard farming. So, agrotextile inhibits the growth of weeds and retains moisture for a long time in the land (creates condensate) and hydro gel allows escape water seedlings up to seven days. All eco-materials last four to five years, which also saves money to gardeners. Thus, today owners of gardens in Arnasay grow organic products, which will be sold in retail chains of the capital. Today Arnasay village becomes a place of realization of small and large "green" initiatives.

  • Assel Maussymbay

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