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Destination 2030


What is it?

The policy booklet “Destination 2030”, outlines current problems in the biodiversity realm, analyzes existing strategies to address them, and introduces the youth perspective on these issues as well as our proposed concrete actions. GYBN Europe decided to focus on 10 key themes:

-> freshwater,

-> agriculture,

-> nature-based solutions,

-> ecosystem restoration,

-> urban biodiversity,

-> renewable energy,

-> education,

-> gender,

-> international trade, and

-> economy and finance.


These briefs mirror the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030, as this will be the focus for the environmental sector in Europe for the upcoming decade. The compilation of briefs further reflects GYBN Europe’s vision for how to incorporate intergenerational equity across the environmental sector in Europe.

Editors & Authors: Tommaso Demozzi, Eirini Sakellari, Jessica Micklem

Authors: Axel Eriksson, Jay Marisca Gietzelt, Rosanna Bellomo, Giulia Testa, Marie-Morgane Rouyer, Lova Eveborn, Jasmijn Simons, Jacopo Pasquero, Andrea Morales Rivas, Maria Giannakaki, Marju Prass, Melanie Puck, Nikita Engineer, Julian Lo Curlo, Niklas Weins, Prakirth Govardhanam, Maria Blasi Romero, Massimiliano Sonego, Solen le Clech, Esmeralda Wirtz, Nynke Blömer, Cathy Yitong Li, Dominik Legrum, Samantha Kristensen, Mary Peltola, Vicky Kendrick, Sonja Heiliger.

External Reviewers: Rozanès Coline, Tureau Manon, Jorge Andres Matallana, Kostian Jano

Illustrations: Eirini Sakellari

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this report are the result of several rounds of consultations within GYBN Europe and they represent a compromise between the different point of views of the youth involved in this paper. Authors speak on their own behalf and their views do not necessarily reflect the views of the institutions and/or organisations for which they work

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