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About the

Uganda Youth Biodiversity Network

Uganda is among the most endowed nations in biodiversity, including approximately 2.000 species of birds, 4.500 species of plants, 86 species of amphibians, and 345 species of mammals, all of which represent a large fraction of flora and fauna endemic to the African continent. Many of these species in Uganda are being threatened by the increasing human population and consequent demand for land and competing land-use options such as timber harvesting, agriculture and mining, and the limited valuation for biodiversity goods and services.

IMG_20191114_172232_237 - Derrick Mugish

Mugisha Derrick was motivated to create the Uganda Youth Biodiversity Network after attending the 2018 GYBN Africa workshop in Nairobi, where he learned more about the status of biodiversity in Africa, and viewed the work of young people in preexisting GYBN Africa chapters like the GYBN Kenya chapter. After discovering the spirit and background of environmentalism within the GYBN team, Derrick worked together with Nagudi Irene to create the Uganda Youth Biodiversity Chapter for the purpose of engaging more youth in conserving species, genetic and ecosystems diversity in the country.

The Uganda Youth Biodiversity Network exists to guide young people in Uganda to mobilize communities on the ground and motivate positive actions towards biodiversity conservation and fair utilization of genetic resources. UYBN additionally engages youth in the Convention of Biological Diversity and to learn about lobbying and participating in global interventions and efforts.

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