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Our Work

Our African Youth Capacity Building Workshop in 2018

Our Current and Upcoming GYBN Kenya Projects:

  • Kakamega Youth Summit: 20 young people will meet to discuss the CBD Zero Draft document. (February 2020, Kakamega)

  • World Wildlife Day 2020 Celebrations: over 400 young people will meet to hold a march for wildlife, geared towards raising awareness on the conservation of the grey parrots and the lions native to Africa (March 2020, Nairobi)

  • Diar Awards 2020: We have been nominated for a national award due our work with young people, inclusiveness and diversity (March 2020, Nairobi)

  • World Oceans Day 2020: We shall hold a march from Nairobi to Diani to raise awareness on the need to conserve our marine ecosystems (June 2020)

Our Past Projects: 

  • Nakuru Clean-Up: Over 300 young people met in Nakuru to undertake a clean-up around Lake Nakuru National Park, handling waste from the source before it is washed down to the park.​ (December 2019)

  • Nakuru Youth Consultation Meeting: 30 young people from across the country met to discuss inter-generational equity and animal welfare inclusion in the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. (October 2019, Lake Nakuru National Park)

  • Naivasha Youth Consultation Meeting: 30 young people from the region met to discuss gender and human rights inclusion in the post-2020 global biodiversity framework. (September 2019, Naivasha)

  • GYBN Kenya Nairobi - Watamu Oceans Awareness Caravan: This was our first event on marine conservation and was very successful. Thirty-two young people traveled using road and railway from Nairobi to Mombasa, and later to Watamu, Kenya, to raise awareness on the need to protect our marine areas from plastics and other pollution. This was in celebration of World Oceans Day 2019. We covered more than 600 km and interacted with the local communities, educating them on the need for proper waste disposal because our waste disposal practices on land directly affects our seas. Our event partners, Kidogo Backpacking and A Rocha Kenya, held mini-workshops on micro-plastics and plastic recycling. More than 100 people turned out for the actual beach clean-up day in Watamu  (June 2019)

  • GYBN Kenya was part of the youth group that formulated the African Youth Declaration for Nature during a conference held in Nairobi (May 2019)

  • Nandi Youth Biodiversity Summit: This forum was meant to gain insights from the young people working at the grassroots level on biodiversity issues in Kenya. One-hundred forty young people participated in this dialogue and the outcomes have been instrumental in shaping our united voices as Kenyan youth on eminent conservation issues in the post-2020 consultation phase  (January 2019)

  • African Regional Youth Capacity-building workshop: This workshop, which was held in Nairobi and in partnership with African Wildlife Foundation, brought together 50 young people from 17 African countries. The outcomes helped shape the development of the youth biodiversity action plan for the region  (October 2018)

  • World Environmental Day 2018 celebrations: This was the day our chapter was officially launched. We held a clean-up and tree planting in Busia, with the event being graced by Busia's county legislator. Two schools with 25 students from each, 20 members from a women's group, and 80 local people turned out for this event  (June 2018)

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