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About the

Ghanaian Youth Biodiversity Network


Ghana is a West African country containing a large amount of globally significant biodiversity. The forest, savannah, wetland and coastal ecosystems provide a diverse range of habitats. Current records show that Ghana has as many as 2975 plant species, 221 species of amphibians and reptiles, 748 species of birds, 225 mammalian species, and 392 marine species of organisms. The coastline of Ghana is lined with about 90 lagoons, several estuaries and rocky shore habitats that exhibit a distinct array of biological diversity.


The Ghana Youth Biodiversity Network (GHYBN) was created by Mary Jane Enchill and Sharon Esinam Dotsein in August 2018 following the GYBN Africa Regional Workshop organised in South Africa in August 2017. They were inspired by the globally recognised fact that biodiversity is life and vital for the balance of ecosystems and the survival of all species – hence the need for an intelligent management of the resources. GHYBN came into fruition because of the need to provide an official platform where the Ghanaian youth can learn about the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity and

Capacity Building - Maryjane Enchill.jpg

the global role the Convention takes to protect biodiversity, and how they can contribute to its implementation whilst bringing to bear their voice in the negotiations under the Convention. On the national level, GHYBN supports national efforts that seek to transform the country into one that does not experience human-induced biodiversity loss and where people live in harmony with nature through policy, advocacy, networking, education and awareness creation, and on-the-ground projects.

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