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Destination 2030

The policy booklet “Destination 2030”, outlines current problems in the biodiversity realm, analyzes existing strategies to address them, and introduces the youth perspective on these issues as well as our proposed concrete actions. GYBN Europe decided to focus on 10 key themes:

-> freshwater,

-> agriculture,

-> nature-based solutions,

-> ecosystem restoration,

-> urban biodiversity,

-> renewable energy,

-> education,

-> gender,

-> international trade, and

-> the economic system.


These briefs mirror the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030, as this will be the focus for the environmental sector in Europe for the upcoming decade. The compilation of briefs further reflects GYBN Europe’s vision for how to incorporate intergenerational equity across the environmental sector in Europe.


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European Youth Perspectives on Biodiversity

From January - March 2021, GYBN Europe ran a youth consultation on European youth priorities for biodiversity policy. 

Their responses were summarised into 6 key policy priorities:
1. Sustainable Consumption and Production
2. Combating Climate Change

3. Environmental Education and Awareness

4. Stakeholder Participation
5. Integrity of Natural Ecosystems
6. Mainstreaming Biodiversity

Youth Position on EU Nature Restoration Law.png

UN Youth Delegates for Biodiversity

Up until recently, there has been very little support for European youth to participate in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity processes. 

However, the United Nations has a program to facilitate full and meaningful youth participation. GYBN Europe has advocated for UN Youth Delegates for Biodiversity and based on the recent successes has written a guide to support future advocates for such a program. 

Youth Position on the EU Nature Restoration Law

This paper represents the position on the upcoming EU Nature Restoration Law of the youth NGOs Generation Climate Europe, Youth and Environment EuropeBiodiversity Action EuropeGlobal Youth Biodiversity Network EuropeYoung Rewilders, and Young Friends of the Earth Europe.

After the failure to meet the objectives of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2020, there is the need for a transformative intervention to halt and reverse biodiversity loss. Merely protecting what is left is no longer enough and timely, large-scale nature restoration is needed. 

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Case Study: Pollinators

As part of the Destination 2030's Economics and Finance policy brief, youth experts also drafted a short case study of the economic situation regarding pollinators within the European context. 

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