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Past Campaigns

It's time to #RestoreNature

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Nature restoration means growing biodiversity, fighting the climate crisis, taking back and reclaiming what belongs to nature. Restoration is urgently needed to bring nature back to Europe and build Europe’s resilience. 


Together with other Youth Organisations, we identified some youth priorities. It is now time to inform Environmental Ministers and Members of the European Parliament about it!


We are also part of a civil society coalition to ask the EU to make a strong Restoration Law. Take action and use the mail tool below:


Stop the Same Campaign

This campaign is a youth mobilization movement pushing for real transformative change and not the same old story with empty promises. 

It launched at International Biodiversity Day 2021 and will continue, building youth momentum to the Convention on Biological Diversity COP15.

Want to join? Sign the Youth Manifesto!


Together4Forests Campaign

The Together4Forests Campaign has been one of the most successful civil socitey campaigns, mobilising 1.1 million EU citizens to take part in the public consultation on the new EU Anti-Deforestation Law.

The law is still going through the EU approval process and the campaign is putting pressure on various decision-makers to ensure it stays as strong as possible.

Find out more by clicking on the link below...

Past Events


The European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2021

Finalists for Austria

Only environmental group in the finalist group

Finalist for the "Young and Eco-Committed"
competition at the European Youth Conference 2022

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