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Our Work

Our African Youth Capacity Building Workshop in 2018

Our Current and Upcoming CYBN Projects:

  • An Online conference through Zoom application with the theme "Youth and Biodiversity" (September 2019)

  • We are planning a Conference in Bukavu ( South-Kivu) in partnership with CYNESA (Catholic Youth Network for Environment Sustainability in Africa at the Evangelical University in Africa (December 2019)

  • Creating a nursery for tree planting activities in the Bukavu (South-Kivu Province) to support local effort to fight climate change 

Our Past Projects: 

  • Youth Conference with the theme Climate Change: What are the prospects for youth?: This was a conference that many young people attended on October 26, 2019 in Bukavu, co-organized by Congolese Youth Biodiversity Network, Human Nature Projects and Sustainable Development Network Youth Initiative. This first conference was a first, bringing together youth and policy makers on critical issues affecting our planet (Climate Change and Biodiversity Loss).

  • Celebration of the International Biodiversity Day with young school pupils: This was held in Kisangani (Province of Tshopo) in partnership with Tunza Eco-Generation and CoalitionWILD. The total attendance was about 78 persons, including CYBN Staff members and school pupils from 5th and 6th primary school.

  • Participation with the provincial government in the activities of the World Environment Day: CYBN was invited to be in the youth delegation to attend Environmental and Sustainable Development activities organized by the provincial ministry (of Tshopo) 

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