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GYBN Congo (DRC)

[currently in preliminary trial period]

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is located in one of the 17 defined "biodiversity hotspots" of the world that are home to a large variety of flora and fauna. The Kisangani region, located in the central region of the Congo Basin, is a great example of a major area with mega-biodiversity and wildlife endemism. Many biodiversity-rich regions in the DRC with forest ecosystems are being harmed and disrupted as a result of various factors such as regional climate change and the anthropogenic activities that occur. These factors, which already affect forests in DRC and Africa in general, are causing degradation to the structure and composition of the vegetation cover, the water features, the different soils, and the wildlife of the many forests. 

IMG_20190522_123502_7 - Yoba Alenga.jpg

Many species and habitat types that make up the unique biodiversity of the DRC are becoming increasingly rare and even at the precipice of extinction before they are known due to the multiple threats that result in the continued loss of these natural habitats.

The Congolese Youth Biodiversity Network was created by Yoba Alenga Extasié, Nguo Mushonga Elie, Kasole Maroyi Clément, Déborah Waluvera and Ronald Miteho who were inspired by Kevin Lunzalu of the GYBN Kenya chapter. The GYBN Congo chapter was launched to connect all young people of the DRC that share a passion for protecting biodiversity and provide a platform where young people can exhibit and cultivate their ideas, talents, skills, and experience through projects that address specific challenges of facing biodiversity preservation at the local and national levels.

To view CYBN's campaign and activities on the International Biodiversity Day of 2019, click here!

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