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GYBN Brazil

Brazil is one of our planet's megadiverse countries, with a great amount of endemic biological diversity belonging within the country's borders. The Brazilian Amazon is a large territory with a vast variety of different ecosystems and is home to the largest rainforest in the world. The care and efforts needed to maintain the biological diversity in Brazil will require people both nationally and internationally to understand the importance of nature and the ecosystem services within Brazil in order to conserve and prevent overexploitation. 


The founders of the GYBN Brazil chapter, Brenda Izidio, Caio Bexiga, Luísa Falcão, Melina Sakyiama, Carlos Victor, and Frances Andrade, believe in the need to disseminate knowledge about Brazilian and global biodiversity to the passionate young people of Brazil beyond scientists, biologists, oceanographers, conservationists and practitioners, so that the youth in Brazil can learn and understand the relationship between nature, ecosystem services and the well-being of humankind. We consider it important to communicate and suggest conservation strategies for young people in Brazil so that they can help influence the formulation 

of public policies in Brazil needed to preserve Brazilian biodiversity, especially in the current political and environmental circumstances.

We aim to launch local and national environmental education projects with and for young people and partner with community associations, universities, research centers and other non-governmental organizations that also work with the environment and related fields. We also plan to conduct projects and campaigns in partnership with other GYBN chapters to strengthen GYBN in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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