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About the

Tanzanian Youth Biodiversity Network

Tanzania is a tropical country rich in biodiversity where 38% of the land is designated as protected areas for conservation and the zones of two world-renowned biodiversity hotspots, the coastal forests of Eastern Africa and the Eastern Afromontane, are contained within the country's borders. Due to the heterogeneity of landscapes, Tanzania contains various ecosystems from several meters below sea level to the highest elevation in Africa.

GYBN Tanzania was founded by Ghaamid Abdulbasat  after his attendance to a GYBN Africa Capacity Building Workshop that was hosted in Nairobi, Kenya in October 2018 to enhance and foster active participation of young people in local and national biodiversity policy spaces in Tanzania, to develop and support Tanzanian environmental education initiatives, influence the National Biodiversity Strategies and Action Plans, to promote awareness and knowledge-sharing of the biodiversity found within Tanzania to young people in the country.

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