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Nordic Youth Biodiversity Network

- NYBN -

NYBN is the Nordic chapter of the Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN), an international network of youth organizations and individuals from every global region who have united together with a common goal:

Halting and reversing the biodiversity crisis.


As the official coordination platform for youth in the negotiations under the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), NYBN is committed to bringing the perspectives of young people into the political process and empowering young people to take action.

What we do

We have created a position paper on Biodiversity based on a survey we did where 3000 Nordic young people contributed to a Youth Position Paper with 19 action points to save biodiversity. We  use it to push decision makers around the world to prioritize young people’s biodiversity demands!

Read our position paper here!

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 Our Objectives


For a world in harmony with nature

  • To transform the world into one which does not experience human-induced biodiversity loss - where people live in harmony with nature


Support the Global Youth Biodiversity Network

  • To be a strong regional support of GYBNs mission for a global coalition of individuals and youth organisations to halt the loss of biodiversity. 

  • To Team up with other GYBN chapters, to raise awareness about the global importance of this issue


Make the voices of the youth heard

  • To support biodiversity policy literacy amongst youth and to assist youth to participate in decision-making processes when it comes to national, European and international biodiversity policies - in specific youth participation in the UN Convention on Biological Diversity. 

  • To build relationships between the youth and national CBD focal points in Europe


Capacity building

  • Facilitating knowledge share and transfer between different communities and organisations within our region and other parts of the world through the global Network of GYBN chapters.  

  • To translate and communicate biodiversity knowledge to our local European communities. 

  • To provide opportunities and enable the greater public to take action on biodiversity protection.


Develop a strong and united youth

  • To empower European youth to become active guardians of our regional and global environment and diverse nature. 

  • To provide a platform for the empowerment and connection of european youth on biodiversity related topics.

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