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About the

Bolivian Youth Biodiversity Network

Bolivia is recognized as a megadiverse country in terms of biodiversity and ecosystems because Bolivia is situated in the middle of South America and consequently shares dry and tropical regions with the neighboring countries of Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. Within the borders of Bolivia are the southwest region of the Amazonian rainforest, the northwestern expanse of the Gran Chaco lowland natural region of the Río de la Plata basin, and a central area of the Andes mountains. As a result of these natural landforms, Bolivia has many eco-regions where many different species live and thrive.

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GYBN Bolivia was founded with the intention of addressing and discussing biodiversity loss and other intersectional problems in Bolivia with Bolivian youth. The lack of education about the biodiversity-related problems causes indifference both within the Bolivian population and the Bolivian government, with the last president unaware that universities in Bolivia are dedicated to finding solutions to these problems. As an organization, GYBN Bolivia now has many upcoming projects to bring more awareness of these issues to the Bolivian people.

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The main role of GYBN Bolivia is to break the barrier between Bolivian youth and nature, to connect the people who live in urban areas with the indigenous people in Bolivia, and to confront social problems by achieving three goals:

  • Teaching Bolivian youth to understand the importance of biodiversity 

  • Working to achieve social equality

  • Guiding the Bolivian youth to learn more about Bolivian culture

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