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·  . 5” Barrel Mount Kit c/w 30105, 30109, 60005, AB15RT and Brackets. For mounting onto shoring and trench boxes. Certified to EN795 CLASS B, EN360, EN904, EN907, EN909, EN913, EN914 and EN917.  . Having sorted the wiring and the IIS settings i can now get on with the final step of the installation. After running my original MSI i can easily see the function we want to run, but how can i get it to run after the install. My installer currently contains a custom action that executes the following on completion of the install: MsiExec.exe /i ""{CA1129EB-B6E7-4CF1-8D1B-A8F72B8FB5D1}"" /quiet I'm wanting to get the CIISettings32.dll functionality into my custom action. I'm pretty sure the only way to do this is to use a command line switch or a custom action in the post-install script. I've managed to find the section of the MSI that looks like it should contain the CIISettings32.dll, but it's now listed as a comment in the local deployment manifests I'm pretty confident I can use this information to create a custom action. Question Does anyone have any experience with this? A: In a situation like this you can use the LocalAppDataFolder MSI variable as the basis for an argument to your custom action. The general flow is like this: Code your MSI to create an instance of PropertyDescriptorCollection Add an MsiPropertyBag to this collection Store the location of the dll file in the bag Pass the bag to the custom action Run the custom action passing in the bag Example What I did: I created a batch file with a command to run the install and a command to copy the file. You might have to create a registry value for the directory you want to install the dll to before running this batch file. Before running the batch file ensure you have admin privs or else you will have to run it as an Administrator. @echo off SET WIX_LOCAL_APPDATA=%temp%




Download Cimatron E9 Full Crack 93

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